Refer a Friend

Earn $500!!!! Unlimited times over! $$$
Do you know any friends or family that are thinking of
buying a Car, Truck, SUV or Van?

Refer them to the hardworking team at Vancouver Auto Credit and we’ll give you a referral fee for their business once they purchase a vehicle!

The Process is simple.

Just put your information in the Contact Menu on the right hand side of this page. Click on the Name fields and put in your name. Then add your phone number and email in the proper fields.

Certain Restrictions Apply:

  • Customer must be in referred system prior to purchase of any vehicle.
  • Customer must be a New Customer to Vancouver Auto Credit Ltd.
  • Customer being referred must know that they are in referral program.
  • Purchase must take place within 30 days of referral.
Vancouver Auto Credit reserves the right to withhold referral at any time if there is abuse of the process as deemed by Vancouver Auto Credit. If you have any questions, call Jay Whitford at 604.372.3999
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